Ship Us Your Cats, We Send You The Check!

Follow the Easy 4-Step Directions Below:

Looking to sell your scrap catalytic converter? We buy them nationwide and will pay you once we receive them in the mail. Follow the below steps and get paid for your scrap catalytic converters.

Wait Before You Ship!

Step 1: Pack It

Pack your Catalytic Converters, along with:

  • Contact information including the “Name” we should write on the check and address it should be sent to.
  • Write your return address and ship to:

Rockaway Recycling
311 West Main Street
Rockaway, NJ 07866

Step 2: Shipping

Shipping Reimbursement Guidelines

Value of CATs Shipping Reimbursement
$199 or Less None (Customer Pays)
$200-399 Rockaway Recycling Pays Maximum of $25*
$400 or More Rockaway Recycling Pays Maximum of $50*

*Doesn’t Apply to Aftermarket Catalytic Converters or Loose Catalytic Material

Step 3: Quote?

If you have received a QUOTE from the Rockaway Recycling team either by phone, email, or text. Please include that in your package.


Step 4: Get Paid!

Place copy of shipping receipt in the box (if applicable by terms above), attach a copy of it below or email it to us and you will be reimbursed by Rockaway Recycling once we have received the catalytic converters to our yard.

We will NOT pay for shipping unless your material fits the criteria above. Customers are required to pay for shipping and will be reimbursed (if applicable), once we receive material.

NOTE: You will be paid market price of the catalytic converter(s) the day that we receive them. You can be paid by check or by PayPal/Venmo. Please let us know what you prefer.

Payments Available (Include Your Email in Package for Payment):

Contact Us With Questions