Scrap Catalytic Converters –¬†How-To Guide

Let Rockaway Recycling show you how to figure out if you have a catalytic converter, and how we can help you tell.

1) Where do catalytic converters come from (also known as cats)?

Off of cars, motorcycles, and trucks (most common ones), cats are the piece of the car that helps to curb down the emissions.

2) When you have a full exhaust with a cat on it, please cut the cat off of the car before bringing or shipping it in.

3) Now that you have cut the ends of the muffler or pipe off and you have the cat alone, you will be able to look inside one of the ends.

(If you can see straight through the cat with nothing in between the ends, you will have an exhaust or a muffler, and not a cat.)

4) If you now see what looks to be a honeycomb, or a patterned gray filling, you have a catalytic converter.

DO NOT TAKE THE FILLING OUT. By removing the case from the inside filling or comb Rockaway Recycling will not be able to tell what type of vehicle that this cat came off of.

5) Bring or mail this catalytic converter to Rockaway Recycling so one of our scale managers will be able to tell you what type of cat that you have.

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