FAQ’s About Recycling Your Scrap Catalytic Converters

Below we answer some questions you may have about scrapping and recycling your catalytic converters, how much your catalytic converter is worth, how to scrap it, how to ship it, and also how you are going to get paid.

How much is my catalytic converter worth?

Every catalytic converter is worth a different price. There are several factors that determine a price for a scrap catalytic converter, including year, make, model, and more.

While we have a price page that can help give you some guidance of your catalytic converter value, we suggest you send us pictures and receive a quote from us for the most accurate quote.


Can I get an exact price quote?

You can send us pictures of your catalytic converters via our website and also text them to us. Be sure to also tell us the type of car or vehicle the catalytic converter came from. We will be able give you the most accurate quote when we receive pictures.

Once you receive a quote from us, you can ship your catalytic converter to us with that price in mind. After we inspect the catalytic converter and confirm that the honeycomb inside is full, we will pay you the price we originally quoted. If it does not meet our expectations of a full honeycomb, material missing, or a problem, we will contact you before buying it.


Can I get a quote for the serial number on my catalytic converter?

Yes, for particular catalytic converters we are able to provide a price quote based on the serial number on the side. Please send us pictures and your information to receive a quote from us.


How should I ship my catalytic converter to you?

While we don’t say a particular service is better than another (it really depends on your location), we suggest using the Flat Rate Shipping Boxes from the USPS. As long as you can fit the catalytic converter(s) in the box they will ship.

The biggest suggestion is to make sure that you prepare your catalytic converter correctly and pack it with the appropriate protection. We also suggest using a lot of shipping tape to protect the box in transit.


How much does it cost to ship my catalytic converters?

Like we mentioned in the above answer, it depends on how you are shipping them but generally you can expect to pay $10-$30 for shipping, sometimes more money depending on weight and number of items.

We also have a special rate of how much we will reimburse you for your shipping costs depending on how many catalytic converters you are sending. See our shipping guidelines page for more information.


Once I ship my cat, how do I know I'll get paid?

This is a understandable concern that customers have. While you may be weary of sending in your valuable scrap catalytic converter in fear of being taken advantage of, Rockaway Recycling – Catalytic Control is a reliable, trustworthy company.

Open since 1977, our family-owned and operated business has decades of trust and reliability in the scrap industry. We suggest taking a look at our Google Reviews online and hear what our customers have said about us in the past.

How long should it take to get paid?

Once you ship you catalytic converter to us, expect 3-5 business days before delivery and 1-2 business days for our team to value and write up your receipt and ticket. Typically you should receive your check payment one week after we process your shipment.

We also have the option for immediate payment via PayPal. If that is the option you would like to use, please be sure to let our team know.

How do I get paid?

Once we receive your materials and process them at our scrap yard Rockaway Recycling in New Jersey, we will send out your payment. We will send you a check by mail or if you have requested to be paid by PayPal we can do that too.

Please be sure to send us the correct information for your payment when shipping your catalytic converters.

Should I remove the comb from inside?

No, if you are selling your catalytic converter to us, do not remove the comb inside. The comb inside the exterior shell helps us identify the type it is to give you a more accurate quote.

When we buy loose material, even if it is out of an expensive catalytic converter, we buy them by the pound. Most material out of all catalytic converters looks the same, and that is why we do not by loose material by the piece, but rather by the pound.

Why are there different prices for catalytic converters?

Not all cars are made equally, therefore the catalytic converters are valued differently. Depending on the amount of precious metals inside and where the engines are made, they are going to be valued much differently.

What is the price of diesel catalytic converters?

The prices for diesel catalytic converters can range from $10 to hundreds of dollars. Usually the newer diesel engines have better quality catalytic converters. For an accurate quote, send over pictures of yours along with the vehicle information.

I can see through my catalytic conveter.

If you can see through your catalytic converter, that can mean a couple things. The comb on the inside could have been taken out, which will bring the value down significantly.

Or it could have been from corrosion and the materials could have fallen out a little at a time.

Or it could be a resonator, which is a different car part that is worth very little money in scrap and can look like a catalytic converter.

What is an aftermarket catalytic converter?

An aftermarket catalytic converter has been installed after the original manufactured catalytic converter. The aftermarket versions are not going to be the same value of an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts for a car.

Most aftermarket catalytic converters have a silver shield on the outside and sometimes have arrows on the outside too. Send us pictures to find out what kind you have.