Know Your Metals – Catalytic Converter Scrap List


Large Foreign Cat
Medium Foreign Cat
Small Foreign Cat
Foreign Pre-Cat
Large GM Cat
Small GM Cat
Jeep Cat
Large Breadloaf Cat
Regular Breadloaf Cat
Large Chrysler Cat
Small Chrysler Cat
Large Wire
Small Wire
Wire Pre-Cat
Domestic Cat
Pre-Domestic Cat
Ford Cat
Ford Pre-Cat
Bead Cat
Half Cat
Aftermarket Cat
Diesel Cat
AC Cats
Loose Material
Brake Rotors (500+ lbs.)
Aluminum Bumpers
Car Batteries
Whole Cars
Dirty Brass Radiator
Clean Brass Radiators
Aluminum/Copper Coil (Clean)
Aluminum/Copper Coil (Dirty)
Lead Wheel Weights
Aluminum Rims
O2 Sensors

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Let us show you what catalytic converters and other auto scrap we deal with. Above by staying up to date with all commodities prices and our full catalytic converter scrap list, Rockaway Recycling is able to give you the best and most competitive price for your items. Our prices are always up to date on this catalytic converter scrap list and along with any other materials listed. If you have any other questions about any other materials, please contact us with your information. The above catalytic converter scrap prices are based on full catalytic converters.

We are not an auto salvage yard, nor do we deal with car parts other than buying certain items for scrap metal value.

The auto parts that we purchase for scrap is here on our catalytic converter scrap list, with the other miscellaneous items listed. We do pick up and accept any kind of old cars, please give us a call for more information or see are information here. We will NOT under any circumstance buy stolen materials or vehicles.

In accordance with New Jersey State laws, we are required to take, copy, & return a picture ID when buying any scrap metals. We do not sell auto parts or any other scrap to the public.

In addition to the auto scrap items listed above we also buy:

Copper Brass Aluminum Steel
Insulated Wire Copper Wire Lead PC Towers
Alnico Magnets Computer Boards Titanium Mainframes
Tin High Speed Steel Gold CPU Chips
Specialty Metals Obsolete Machinery Memory Chips Motherboards

See Full List of Materials on Rockaway Recycling.