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A family run scrap metal yard in every year of its existence, Rockaway Recycling has always led by the phrase, “Fair Weight… Fair Price.” While many scrap metal yards get a bad name for poor service and management that only cares about themselves, we pride ourselves on friendly services, whether it be our pick up service, container service, answering phone calls or the simple unloading of cars at our facility in Rockaway, NJ. Click here to visit our main scrap yard website Rockaway Recycling.


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Rockaway Recycling can help you classify the type of catalytic converter you have by using the pictures and descriptions we have posted on our website Catalytic Control. These prices are based on full catalytic converters. Our scale managers will determine the volume of your catalytic converters when they see them in person. Bring your catalytic converters in to get the most current price at Rockaway Recycling.

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See current scrap catalytic converter prices, how you can ship them to us, and a little bit more about recycling them. If you have any questions, contact us through our website and we will be more than happy to help you out. We offer a shipment program that reimburses you for your shipping once we receive your material.

Types of Catalytic Converters

We buy a wide variety of types of Catalytic Converters, from domestic, pre-cats, aftermarket, diesel, Ford, GM, and many other brands and kinds. You can see a full list of our scrap catalytic converter prices directly on our website. If you have questions about the types of converters you have, you can always contact us on our website.